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Skill Level Tournaments

Skill Based Tournaments (NOVICE – AMATEUR – EXPERT)

For MW members will be assigned a CMG skill level Novice, Amateur or Expert. Your skill level is based on multiple different factors such as win percentage, amount of games played, earning and multiple other factors on CMG. This system was designed to help match members of similar skill against one another. 

Trophies will no longer determine your eligibility status for amateur tournaments it is only based on your skill level. If you are an amateur player, then you can join as many amateur tournaments as you wish regardless if you have a gold trophy or not. Amateur tournaments have always been a thing it was just based on trophy wins rather than actual skill level.

Please note: Members are NOT allowed to have more than one CMG account. Members that are found to have created a second account will be banned and their additional account will be permanently disabled. 

Additional: We appreciate everyone’s support these last few years and we want to provide the best year possible for the community. Based on the feedback from the community we will be decreasing the number of tournaments each day over the next few weeks. 



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