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Smash Fever: Super Smash Con

If you didn’t get enough Super Smash Bros. action at Evo just last week, Super Smash Con keeps the party rolling. Super Smash Con is the largest Smash convention showcasing all games from the series. Players of the 19 year old Super Smash Bros come together with the fresh talent from the young kids of Smash 4 and everyone in between to create a massive fighting games celebration. The convention held tournaments for Smash 64, Smash 64 combos, Smash 64 singles and doubles, Melee singles and doubles, Brawl Doubles, Smash 4 singles and doubles, and Smash Masters. For those not familiar with the scene, Super Smash Bros. Brawl was considered the worst out of the 4 games released and is mostly played for fun. Let’s take a look at some of the contests special to this tournament.


Smash 64’s combo contest


64’s combo contest has always been a treat to watch as combo contests are few and far between. The judges for the combo contest were, Smash 4 player PG Esam, Smash caster D1, Smash 64 pro PG Superboomfan, all around Smash pro Isai, and Smash 64 pro Shears. The contest has progressively gotten better year after year and the combos have gotten longer. Items and often used in combos now ever since Japanese player Prince innovated the combo game. This year, Prince brought even more crazy innovation by damage boosting himself using Bom-omb’s in such a way that he can continue a combo. The combo prince took the competition by storm as he earned two perfect scores in a row. If you have not seen Smash 64 combo contests before, you are definitely missing out.


Smash Masters


Smash Masters is a unique contest to Super Smash Con. The competition is a marathon of 8 matches throughout the 4 released Smash games barring Project M, a fan made game. This tournament tests the skill of the players. This year Mew2King took the contest by storm not dropping a single game in all 4 titles against Rishi (SmashG0d), Liquid ChuDat, and MSF Larry Lurr. These players have all competed at the highest level in more than one Smash title and Mew2king literally smashed the competition. He has earned his second Smash Master’s title and next year should be even more fun as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be released before then.


If you have missed any of the Super Smash Con action, check out VGBootCamp’s Youtube channel for VOD’s from every tournament!