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CMG x Stride Esports Partnership

Checkmate Gaming has recently announced an exciting partnership with Stride Esports. This collaboration brings a series of thrilling free entry tournaments to North American players, allowing them to showcase their skills in popular games such as Clash Royale, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Fall Guys, Valorant, Rocket League, and Fortnite. 

Clash Royale enthusiasts will be able to test their strategic prowess in intense battles, devising winning strategies to outwit their opponents and claim victory. Super Smash Bros Ultimate players can dive into the chaotic multiplayer brawls, utilizing their favorite characters' unique abilities to emerge triumphant. Fall Guys will provide a lighthearted and fun experience, as contestants navigate through obstacle courses and compete for the ultimate prize. In Valorant, participants will engage in tactical team-based battles, combining precise aim and strategic coordination to come out on top. Rocket League enthusiasts will take to the field with their high-flying cars, performing incredible aerial maneuvers and teamwork to score goals and secure wins. Finally, Fortnite players will showcase their building and shooting skills, battling it out for the highly coveted Victory Royale.

The four-month duration of the free entry tournaments ensures that players have ample time to hone their skills, learn from their experiences, and compete against a diverse pool of opponents. It's an ideal opportunity for aspiring gamers to gain exposure and establish their presence within the esports community.

To participate in these exciting tournaments, North American players need to keep an eye on Checkmate Gaming's and Stride Esports' websites and social media channels for registration details, schedules, and updates. As the tournaments kick off, participants will have the chance to experience the thrill of esports, showcase their skills, and compete for glory.

For more information and updates on the tournament schedule, click here.