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CMG x Team Diverge Partnership

CMG has recently partnered with Team Diverge to provide 30 days worth of Free Entry Fortnite Tournaments totaling over $10,000+ in cash prizes.

Each day will consist of atleast 3 Free Entry Tournaments:

  • 2:30pm ET - 2v2 Team Diverge Red vs Blue
  • 4:30pm ET - 3v3 Team Diverge Red vs Blue
  • 6:30pm ET - 4v4 Team Diverge Red vs Blue

Each event will have a cash prize ranging anywhere from $10 to $20 on Monday - Thursday and $50 - $500 on Friday - Sunday. To view the full Free Entry Tournament schedule click here.

Stay tuned on all of CMG, TD, and Command Line's social medias for any announcements, schedule updates, and giveaways.

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