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PS5 Beta Update Introduces Discord Voice

As promised by Sony, they have now pushed out today with a recent beta firmware some new features, one including Discord Voices and 1440p VRR (variable refresh rate). With this update, players that have access to the beta can now join other players over discord in a voice chat and be able to communicate with anyone through voice. This is a great step forward to help players stay in contact with friends no matter what platform they are on.

1440p was added with a previous firmware but without the addition of VRR. With lots of TVs and Gaming Monitors supporting this feature, this can help make your gameplay feel much smoother without needing to use methods like VSync to introduce input lag or to exceed your monitor's refresh rate causing screen tearing.

Rumor is with some leaks this will be pushed out March 8th but no date has been officially announced by Sony so take that date with a grain of salt.