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Microsoft Layoffs Affects 343 Industries

Going into the end of last week, Microsoft has announced that about 10,000 jobs will be cut due to changes in the industry and the drop after the pandemic first hit. Microsoft has at this point cut their VR Mixed Reality/Hololens team and laid off or moved all members. Microsoft has been struggling with their VR team and with a lot of the Metaverse cuts and problems on Microsoft’s side with issues on their Hololens with the Military Contract it looks like Microsoft has decided to cut their losses.


Microsoft has also cut jobs in their Xbox division and studios like Bethesda and 343 Industries. 343 Industries will be hit the hardest with how Halo Infinite has performed over the past year and seeing many key members resigned to new rolls like Joseph Staten being moved to the Xbox Games Publishing team and rumors being that any campaign content being cut with just a focus being on core issues, Multiplayer and Live Services additions. Joseph Staten came on board back in 2020, he has helped shape what Halo is today and was brought on to help get Halo Infinite over the finish line, his time with the team was temporary but his new role should allow him to have an overall impact over the Xbox division moving forward.


Many rumors had circulated over the weekend about 343 Industries being removed from the Halo projects and being more of a publisher's role and overseeing all future development from outside studios. 343 Industries has confirmed that they will not be doing so and will still be working on Halo current and into the future. Looking to the future of Halo, 343 Industries has stated they have promised bigger things for Halo Infinite which includes more Multiplayer cosmetics, more regular content updates and shorter seasons with Season 3: Echos still planned for a March release. Bethesda isn’t affected much with some minor cuts happening just before launch of their new Starfield game which should have an announcement date released very soon.