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Top Games for Laptops and Low-End PCs

Not having access to the fanciest gear is something that bars us from the latest offerings of games. Well, guess what, even if you have a potato computer, you can easily enjoy some great games which are completely worth your time. Here are our top picks of such games; let’s see if we can gain your interest.

Into the Breach

This game is from the developers of FTL and is a turn-based game. You can think of it as a version of Kaiju chess, and this is being known as highly addictive but also brutal. In this game, you will find yourself protecting your city from some creatures of the underground. These strategies involve making sacrifices just so that your city can live another day. You will be able to unlock specialty tactics and mechanics as you move along; which is why the game is highly re-playable.


This game was in the making for nine years and is a lush puzzle which plays with your heart and soul. These puzzles are not brain breakers, instead are so clever that you will actually feel rewarded for completing these. The game also features very lovable and endearing characters, which have the ability to induce positivity in you – if that’s your thing.


Starbound is a 2D exploration game which will let you make your own experience. You can build elaborate fortresses and unearth mysteries regarding these. Ferocious enemies and treasure hunts creatively submerge themselves in this game while you and your crew hold your offensive. This game can also be enjoyed with a friend or two and never gets boring as tons of mods are available for download.

80 Days

This is probably one of the best-written games in this list. The best way to describe this game is that it is a steampunk adventure. The gameplay features 150 cities which can be explored extensively, with simultaneous storylines and character secrets. The game is all about resource management with respect to all your items and money. The entire world will be at your fingertips if you play your cards right!

Devil Daggers

This is an arcade FPS shooter game. It features all the classic thrills and shrill of a horror game while also implementing FPS accurate graphics. The game does not have a story but is along the lines of ‘beat your own score’ arcade games. Don’t underestimate its potential to scare you though, because it can, and will!

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The previous beefy game has now been turned into something utterly massive and interesting. The initial entry of the story will have you captured and the bizarre, godforsaken basement will have you enthralled. Terrors will have you dodging around on your chair and you don't know how much time has passed you by. One spoiler needs to be made though. The developers of this game love ‘gross-in-your-face’ humor; so there is going to be a whole lot of poop here and there.

With that cringe worthy note, we conclude our list of overwhelming and technologically under-par games. You can go ahead and try all of these or just opt for the one which sounded most interesting. Whichever method you employ, we’re sure at least one will have your attention! Happy under par gaming!