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Twitter Communication Update!

We will no longer be sending no show messages through the PlayStation or Xbox messenger system. We have implemented a twitter linking that is now part of the joining tournament process. From this point forward, no show messages will be sent through Twitter.


In our ongoing effort to provide our loyal payer base with the best customer service possible, we have decided to move away from console-based messaging systems. Throughout our experience running our competitive tournaments, challenges, and ladders we have realized that these systems are very prone to failure and as a result can impede our ability to provide the support you deserve. As this is the case, CMG will now be using Twitter for all our player communications. Just link your twitter handle to your CMG account and be sure we can reach you by setting that account to be publicly accessible and having your notifications on for direct messaging. Twitter has proven extremely reliable and is in many ways a place where our players already store their proofs and communicate amongst themselves while retaining relative anonymity with their online handles; some players even have accounts designed explicitly for proof capture and distribution. Our team hopes you are not inconvenienced by this feature and that it allows us to better serve the community as well as foster more clear and accurate communications between our administrators and the community at large. Please feel free to provide feedback and suggestions in the comments below.


Thank you,


  • The CMG Team

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ok, now this is epic