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Xbox Project Scarlet

Both the Xbox One and PS4 have had more than five years after they launched in 2013, and technology has grown ten-folds since then. The time has finally come when most conversations about gaming trails off about the next generation of consoles. On May 22nd, Sony Interactive Entertainment’ CEO John Kodera admitted in a casual setting that the PS4’s lifecycle is coming to an end. And now Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has voiced the same concerns with his desire to ensure that the next Xbox improves upon the old one. Phil talked about improving upon frame rate and startup times. About the speed of the current console, he admits, “I’m always wishing games would start quicker.” 

It stands to reason that the next generation of consoles is not that far away. Microsoft has chosen to reveal more details about what their future hardware is going to be, while Sony has decided to remain quiet about it, despite rumors flying off that PS5 dev kids are already being sent out.

During the E3 2018, Spencer announced that the same team which worked on Xbox One X hardware was busy creating the next Xbox console. Spencer said in an interview with Giant Bomb commenting about CPUs and GPUs in today’s consoles that they’re, “a little bit out of whack relative to what’s on the PC side.” We believe he’s teasing fans what PC gamers often boast about, a 60 fps at 1080p gaming experience, a feat which neither of the consoles can pull off with finesse.

Spencer also talked about a new way of installing games on the system. In an era when most video games occupy a size greater than 30 GB, sometimes more than 50 GB at times, it can take very long before players can start their video games. Talking about FastStart, a new system announced at E3, Spencer said that in the future their consoles will prioritize crucial game files first during downloads so that gamers could begin the game while the rest of it finishes in the background. This concept will be fully realized with the next release of their console.

When it comes to frame rates, Xbox One has always lagged behind the PS4. This is because Sony’s offering had a beefier GPU while Microsoft had a more powerful CPU. This disparity allows the PS4 to give slightly more resolution and frame rates, a fact which continues to remain the point of contention between fans of both consoles.

Big titles which are coming to Xbox One such as the upcoming Spider Man game, fail to achieve the 60 fps mark, resulting in profound disappointment. To pull off those big numbers, both Microsoft and Sony decided to offer the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, both of which offer significant hardware upgrades over their older consoles. Currently both the PS4 and Xbox One are limited by their aging AMD Jaguar CPU architecture, and many titles are capped at 30 fps. Games that rely on rendering computation and AI tend to suffer a lot.