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Black Ops Cold War Leak: Raid may return

Outside of COD Mobile, it has been almost a decade since players have seen Raid.

Black Ops 2 introduced Call of Duty players to one of the best maps the shooter series will ever see. Raid was immediately a fan-favorite for casual and competitve players alike. 

There have been remakes upon remakes of classic Call of Duty maps. Nuketown has seen a total of 7 different versions. According to a popular Black Ops Cold War leak account on Twitter, a new remake will arrive in Season 1.


Image via Treyarch


The found file reads ""s1_mp_raid_tu_cairo". While the original Raid map was based in Los Angeles, California, the file points to a different location. Cairo, Egypt may be the background of this version. As well, the "s1" potentially indicates this remade map will arrive fairly soon with Black Ops Cold War Season 1.

All in all, this could be huge news for competitive Call of Duty. This would add a map to the Black Ops Cold War pool that players know can be used competitively. It is familiar and can be inserted into the line up along with the existing maps immediately.


Dec, 12 2020 10:41 pm EST
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