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Deposit and Withdraw Update

Each year, we have gone through a PayPal audit that has resulted in substantial expenses amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Regrettably, PayPal has revised their terms and conditions, and they no longer permit skilled gaming payments. However, we may still have the option for withdrawals soon. This change will not only have an impact on our business, but this will also soon affect all companies operating under this business model.

We are still working with PayPal to handle all disputed transactions as normal. As of this weekend we have started the process of taking legal action against users that have recently disputed payments.

We kindly request the support of the community in embracing this transition. Soon, Skrill will become available in Germany, France, and the Netherlands, with plans to expand to more countries.

Additionally, within the coming weeks, we will introduce the option to deposit funds using credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay and we will continue to accept Cash App payments.

Regarding withdrawals, we have recently finalized a partnership that will enable direct deposits to bank accounts, instant withdrawals to debit cards, and the ability to print checks that you can deposit in person at your bank or through mobile banking. Moreover, they offer a versatile virtual card that can be utilized anywhere.

Our dedicated development team estimates that the implementation of these features will be completed within the next few weeks, and they have also started the development for cash app withdrawals.

We empathize with your frustrations and share in the disappointment experienced by everyone affected. Rest assured; we are actively doing everything we can to address this situation as fast as possible.