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A Counter-Strike 2 Coming?

With the extremely popular Counter-Strike GO releasing almost 11 years ago and gaining almost a million players in game, there doesn’t seem to be any sight of a slow down. With Valve working on their new Source 2 engine and porting some of their current games to it, many rumors for years have been about CSGO releasing for Source 2. The latest release of NVidia’s Drivers has been released and inside the files there is a support for a new exe file named csgo2.exe. This may not mean much and just for internal testing but many times there have been driver releases that include new .exe for games before launch or even announcements made.

With the information and how Valve has handled their properties lately, many believe there is a new Counter-Strike releasing aka Counter-Strike 2. What I and some believe this is just going to be a Source 2 port of the Counter-Strike GO, bringing in new features, functionality and optimizations. Developers that have worked with the long aging Source Engine that Valve currently uses for many of their games can be a pain to optimize for especially with new hardware. It’s been patched and modified many times to bring features and functionality to their engine but Source 2 is supposed to be Valves way of allowing better workflow, easier use of new API’s like Valkun to bring enhanced support and more headroom with current hardware, and like many engines allow for more enhanced graphics. An example of this happening would be DOTA 2 where it once was on the Source Engine and Valve ported the game over to Source 2.

With the community also being very large and many players investing a lot of money and time into the game, not just the core game but the skins they have purchased or gained over the years, I believe they will shift more towards a Source 2 upgrade for CSGO vs a new game. All we can do is wait for Valve to announce their next game releases but with how Valve Time works, it may be some time before we even hear about a new game or major update in the Counter-Strike family.