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Coalition Hiring for Next Gears of War

Just shortly after Joshua Ortege tweeted out what seems like a return to the series as a writer, we now have new information that looks to be more indications pointing to a new Gear of War game in the series. Coalition has recently been posting job listings on their site but the most recent posting lists a job opening for a lead gameplay designer for Gears of War and to "forge the future of the IP". The big clue being the future of the IP which is to indicate a sequel is in the works.

It has been rumored for months now that a Gears Ultimate Edition will be released that includes a bundle of all Gears Game into one package similar to the Halo Master Chief Collection where players can play and compete in all Gear tiles all in one place.

There are a few other listings on the website for job opportunities like senior mission designers and multiplayer specialists which also helps indicate this is for a new entry in the series and not some sort of remaster.

Recently there has also been rumors that 2 games were canceled from Coalition due to the recent layoffs at Microsoft saying Coalition was also affected by this and now all focus is on Gears 6. Clifford Bleszinski has also been recently tweeting out about the game series camera angles and asking for them to consolidate with him if they’d like to, he’s willing to help.