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CSGO Source 2 Beta Release Very Soon

With the recent Nvidia Driver update data mine showing a Counter-Strike 2 executable and Valve known to update many old titles to their new Engine, even more news has come out recently. All of these are to be taken with a grain of salt but many insiders are claiming a new Source 2 version of the game will release a beta very soon.

Reports are stating that a Source 2 version of the game is in internal testing with many top competitive players testing this for Valve to get feedback. The latest news claims a beta for this may be seen as soon as this month (March) and the latest the 1st of April. This has been a very high priority for Valve to work on and release for testing. They want to iron out any bugs and take feedback from players before a full release happens.

Many players and sources have been claiming this release is going to be a new game, Counter-Strike 2 but a very trusted source has claimed this is not the case and will be an upgrade to Source 2 on CSGO just as they did with Dota. They do not want to disrupt the current player base and skin community. This was backed up by Gabe Follower who has a very good track record with leaks.