CROSSCONSOLE Fortnite: Battle Royale challenges


Season: | 8983 teams


Season: | 3590 teams

Checkmate Gaming's Challenges feature the newest esport sensations for both casual and professional gamers to test their abilities against one another. Our Xbox One challenges feature avast variety of ways players can show off their skills and win cash prizes for their efforts. At Checkmate Gaming we promise the highest payouts and the best value when it comes to playing video games for money.
Our Xbox One Fortnite challenge is the ultimate destination for you to loot, build, and shoot, your way to a victory royale with cash prizes. Prove you're the best on the island by yourself, or squad up with a buddy for the doubles challenge. Rack up kills all around the map whether its Retail Row,Fatal Fields, or the infamous Titled Towers, and rightfully earn the title of Fortnite champion.The reward for being best battle royale player is actual cash that you can choose to spend in the real world or cash in for those sweet sweet V bucks. Our platform provides a sleek and intuitive system that provides players an experience unrivaled in the esports community.
We are constantly listening to our players and are making sure our formats cater to your needs and desires. With Fortnite being a relatively new competitive game, we are counting on player feedback to help make our challenge the best possible way to play competitive Fortnite. If you have issues with the format or are looking for more gameplay options please let us know. We have a professional and expertly trained administrative staff that is well versed in the esports community and ready to respond to requests from our player base.
Our Xbox One Fortnite challenge is the optimum place to play Fortnite for real cash prizes. Thanks to Epic Games, Fornite Esports landscape is growing and there is no better place to be a part of the action than Checkmate Gaming. Playing competitive video games for money has never been this easy. Get ready to hop out of the Battle Bus and let the best player/duo win!