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CoD Internal Alpha called The Red Door

Rumors have already begun surrounding the next installation in the Call of Duty series, and many believe the title to be another soft reboot. Treyarch could be returning to the Black Ops series just as Infinity Ward did with Modern Warfare. 

Rumors suggest the game’s title is “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War,” with the game set during the Cold War and possibly the Vietnam war era. Now, more information about the game’s internal alpha has been unveiled. 

A Playstation Database website has posted files for an internal developer alpha version of the new game titled The Red Door. The files include support for the PlayStation 4 Pro and carries a total of 71GB. 

In addition, dataminers have sifted through the files, detailing the following modes to be part of the game: 

  • MP - Multiplayer
  • CP - Campaign
  • WZ
  • ZM - Zombies 

However, according to Charlie Intel, it’s possible “that these references are outdated and do not reflect the 2020 game modes.” Though compared to past Treyarch titles, the modes would make sense, especially with the return of Zombies. 

Other reports have hinted at the return of Blackout “in some form.” Black Ops 4’s addition to the battle royale genre has been overshadowed by Call of Duty: Warzone, and it’s unknown how the game will be integrated considering Warzone’s tremendous success. Sources suggest that Treyarch may be finding a way to incorporate Blackout content into Warzone

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