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Posted: Mar 16th | 5:26 AM EDT | By: Beelow

Checkmate Gaming (CMG) is happy to announce we will be officially hosting eSports Fortnite Battle Royale Tournaments. How they will work is simple, our Fortnite esports tournament match details page you will see match host and each team’s gamer tags. The hosting team is responsible for sending friend requests and inviting the non-hosting team. For 1 vs 1 matches the hosting team will start a Battle Royale Duo match, for 2 vs 2 matches the hosting team will start a Battle Royale Squad match.

The winning team is whichever team has the most kills at the end of the game. In the event of a tie, the team that stayed alive the longest will receive the win. In the event of a tie, the team that stayed alive the longest will receive the win. You must provide valid proof of living longer than your opponent. This includes all members having zero kills.

Teams may work together however, members are not allowed to cause the death any opponent they're competing against. This includes destroying structures, making them fall, etc. Proof of an opponent destroying their opponent’s structures, or obviously sabotaging the other team will result in a forfeit. We must have clear valid proof to warrant a forfeit or replay. Teams must be able to provide proof showing their opponents are dead. Second, teams must show proof of how many kills your opponents had as well as how many kills your team had. Failure to be able to provide of these two screenshots or video may result in an automatic forfeit or replay of the match. Proof of winning teams must submit screenshot/video proof showing your opponents have died and screenshot/video proof showing the party members and their totals kills

All Fortnite tournaments are global however, server region must be set to North America. PC players are not allowed to participate in PS4 tournaments, the PS4 must be used by all members. If you are found to be playing on a PC in a PS4 tournament you will be forfeited. PC tournaments will be available within the week. PC tournaments will allow one members from each team to play cross platform if the team desires.


Offering Includes:

Free Entry

Guaranteed Payout Tournaments

ELITE only Tournaments prizes ranging from $500 - $2500

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