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Super Smash Bros: Changes Detailed

If you’ve grown up following and playing the Smash Bros. series, there is no one more excited for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate than you. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate seems to be the best to come for anyone who has loved the series.


The most exciting aspect of Super Smash Ultimate by far is that everyone is back. The first Super Smash Bros released in 1999, and every character to appear in the franchise since the original games release is coming back in the latest installment. After starting with just a 12-character roster, the franchise has grown to introduce its 67-character rosters. From classics like Mario and Zelda to new comers such as Inkling and Ridley. You will also see more echo characters in the fifth installment of Super Smash Bros.


However, don’t think the roster is the only excitement for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The latest installment will have a franchise high of 103 stages including Big Blue and Peach’s Castle and a few new stages such as New Donk City and Dracula’s Castle. Stages will be the first thing players choose, allowing them to choose characters based on the level set up. After all, it’s better to pick Kirby for the Summit rather than a heavy character like Ike. If a 103 stages aren’t enough for you, Super Smash Bros Ultimate will feature Stage Morph. Stage Morph will allow battles to stretch over several different stages.


The game will continue to host up to eight players in the battle and will support Nintendo switch controllers, joy-con controllers and yes, even GameCube Controllers. The variety of controllers should help players utilize the new fighting techniques with a familiar controllers. Short hops will be smaller and more vital to aerial attacks. Players can perform charge attacks in midair but leave them vulnerable while they’ll slow down if they have to make multiple dodges in a row, and players will be able to turn off Chargeable Final Smash which will charge throughout a fight to perform the Final Smash when maxed.


A few new gameplay modes will release with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Squad Strike will feature an elimination battle. Players will pick from three to five characters and battle until the last character is standing. Tournament mode will return and allow up to 32-player brackets. Smashdown mode will be the biggest twist to Super Smash Bros. The mode will eliminate characters used in the previous battles, forcing players to choose new character after every round and potentially try their hand at a few new faces.


Other features include shorter final smashes that forgo the animation, there will be visual warnings in timed matches and damage will be dealt differently in one-on-one matches and four player games, meaning the more enemies in game will result in less damage dealt. Several new items will be introduced to the game including a fake smash ball, a banana gun, a bomber and killing edge sword.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will hit shelves on Dec. 7, 2018, on Nintendo Switch.