Amateur Black Ops 4 Tournaments!

Posted: Oct 29th | 7:47 PM EDT | By: CMGDante

EVERY FRIDAY AND TUESDAY we are offering up a host of Amateur tournaments for 10 credit entry for both EU and NA Players on PS4 and Xbox One. Amateur on CMG is defined as not having a gold trophy in a game and console combination, so if you have a gold on Black Ops 4 for PS4 and own an Xbox you may still participate in an Xbox amateur tournament. So if you’ve not gotten a gold trophy yet be sure to get in on these!


2:30 PM EST - TUESDAY - 11/20/2018





7:30 PM EST - TUESDAY - 11/20/2018



3:30 PM EST - FRIDAY - 11/23/2018




9:30 PM EST - FRIDAY - 11/23/2018



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    ReturnOfPersia Nov 6th | 7:48 PM EST

    Hi, when its amateur does it mean that someone who hasnt won any trophies?

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