Battle your way through a bracket of competitors for big prizes. Find a competition that is right for you.
Tournaments have a scheduled start time and are played in a bracket format. The loser from each match will be knocked out of the tournament, the winner of each match will be advanced to the next round in the bracket until a 1st place winner is determined. Once the tournament start time has been reached the bracket will be generated and teams will be randomly matched against one another. Each team will be randomly assigned a seed which will be displayed in the bracket and match details. Seeds are used to determine what team will host each match/map. The seed closest to zero is considered the better seed. Please see rules for additional info regarding seeding and host. You can view you match details by clicking your match from the bracket or by visiting your team page.
Please note: Credits are used to enter all tournaments except for elite and free entry tournaments. Elite tournaments require a CMG members and free entry….. well those are free ;) The final prize will be adjusted when the bracket generates based on the total number of eligible teams seeded into the bracket. Elite, free and guaranteed tournaments have a set prize and will not be adjusted based on the total number of eligible teams seeded into the bracket. The prize displayed For free, elites and guarantees is the prize that winning teams will get regardless of size ups ;)

CheckMate Gaming offers a wide array of team tournaments on Sony’s PlayStation 4. If you’re looking for true competitive gaming on the PS4 look no further. CheckMate Gaming’s PS4 tournaments are second to none in the industry. Play games for money and win cash prizes at home, on your couch. All this with a predictable and reliable schedule. Truth be told, in competitive video gaming going home with the gold is what we all desire but a tournament win with a cash prize at the end is what we deserve.

CheckMate Gaming will make it seem quaint when you will remember that you had to grind for hours or days even on a specific matchmaking playlist just to get the rank you desire. All of this effort in the hopes that you might find some real competition and yet in doing so you never got any reward for your skill as a player or teammate? Your prowess in team communication and aim seemed to get you nothing in return other than a number next to your name. What if you got a prize? What if those prizes were cash prizes? You heard right, test your merit here on CheckMate Gaming’s revolutionary platform in the eSport’s realm. We guarantee you’ll know what real competition is, and if you have what it takes you’ll be putting money in the bank as well.

Online gaming has boomed in the last two decades armed only with your console you can safely tell your friends that you play PS4 tournaments for money. It’s no longer the pipedream of a gamer to score a spot on a team and go to large venues to make it big, you have the tools right there in your hands to make it happen. This year 2018 will have a huge influence on competitive gaming and all forms of eSports competition. So get off that playlist, and get on the winners list with CheckMate Gaming.

Each and every PS4 tournament we offer is provided with the rules you need to set up, where to find your opponent, and a line up of opponents afterwards that are the only thing stopping you from getting the gold trophy and cash prize in the winners circle. CheckMate Gaming now also offers ELITE tournaments as well to it’s premium members with regularly occurring tournaments featuring a juicy guaranteed prize pool in excess of $600 in real life cash prizes.

If you are willing to put your skill to the test then prepare to fight, and create a team of up to 4 players to experience wild competitive gaming like the professionals do. See what your skill can do for your wallet and your fame. Currently we specialize in the Call of Duty video game franchise which includes it’s newest game Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare as well as Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. With the upcoming Launch for Call of Duty: WWII If you are going to be ready for this massive launch, you’re going to want to be right here at CheckMate Gaming the Industry’s leading innovator of online tournaments on the PlayStation 4.

Own an Xbox One? Tired of matchmaking on public game servers with little to no reward? Perhaps you’d like to put your skill to the test from the comfort of your own home, your own controller and set up?

Long gone are the days where you’d have to pack up your rig and drive to your buddy’s house on a night when none of your friends work in order to play games for money. Today you can have your own Xbox One tournament in your own house without having to leave your couch after watching Game of Thrones. Competitive Video Gaming has reached an all new height in 2017 with the advent of online tournaments that are sleek, fast, and run by experienced competitive gamers not so unlike yourself. CheckMate Gaming is here to offer you just that.

CheckMate Gaming offers a wide array of tournaments on Microsoft’s Xbox One, Xbox One S, and soon to be Xbox One X. Our tournaments are considered to be top of the line when it comes to competitive gaming. Grab your friends, link up, and create a team of 1, 2, 3, or even 4 players to experience competitive gaming like you’ve never before. Bask in the glory of your winnings cash prizes. Currently our lineup offer many games in the Call of Duty franchise which include Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, and Call of Duty: Ghosts. With the upcoming Launch for Call of Duty: WWII we suggest that you come get your feet wet and prepare for battle!

Our competitive Xbox One Tournaments currently use the standard in Call of Duty competitive gaming with “Search and Destroy” game types and custom tournament rules to keep each and every game fair and competitive. You will also see a variant of modes and game types to increase the diversity of play style in each of our tournaments. Unique competitive game modes are certain modifiers that spice up gameplay for players, examples include; Best of 3, No Specialist, Pro Mod, No Rigs, and many others that limit weapon and map selection for increased competitiveness.

Take no prisoners as you play in our Xbox One tournament for money, yeah you read that right, actual, spendable, real life, MONEY! Our new platform provides a sleek and intuitive experience unrivaled in the online eSports community. We pride ourselves in listening to our community so be sure pay close attention to our tournament listings as we continue to grow and offer a diverse portfolio of games and modes of play to suit gameplay for competitive players of all types. Our Xbox One administrative staff is professional, well versed in online gaming, and responsive to new requests from our player base.

We here at CheckMate Gaming encourage you to test your merit against the likes of our players and our Xbox One Tournament listings and help us bring competitive video gaming to a higher platform with a more intense and competitive angle.

PC tournaments have been one of the biggest staples in eSports since the beginning.  With console gaming on the rise in the mid to late 2000’s PC eSport tiles took a back seat to console titles like Call of Duty. Now with PC on the rise again, we here at Checkmate Gaming have opened our platform to the competitive PC scene. With games like PUBG, Fortnite, Rocket League and the newly released Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with full support from Activision and Treyarch, now is a better time than ever. PC gamers have always been very competitive in the eSport scene and have always shown their extreme gaming talents to levels others would not even think of. PC Gamers take their gaming to the next level, with high end hardware, to low input delay and high refresh monitors, down to just how their keyboard and mouse functions to help them achieve that extra edge.

    Checkmate Gaming has many members on the team that are hardcore PC enthusiast and gamers. Bringing PC Tournaments to our platform was work but is something our admins have been trained to work and handle, so players get the best experience with PC related issues on their matches. If there is ever any trouble with a tournament match you can always reach a live supported admin from the bottom right corner of any page.

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