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Another great year of Madden is here, which means many ways for players to make money in a competitive game. Here you can play Madden 20 Challenges on PlayStation 4 for cash. With the release of Madden 20 comes a great new roster, features and that same level of competitive Madden is known for. This allows for players to send money matches to each other and play for small or large cash amounts. We offer many benefits for our Challenges like live supported matches allowing you to pay a small fee from your matches prize pool and one of the best admins supports from our Live Support team. If you want to take full advantage of your match and maximize your cash payout, grab our Elite Membership from the store page. This will allow for you to reduce your fee by 50% and getting other benefits like priority for tickets, faster withdraws and some double XP and a stat reset.


Madden is one of the longest running games in the industry and with that bring many years of talent and competitiveness to the games. Players from all around the world are competing for large cash prizes, challenges and tournaments against one another. With each installment, EA Sports brings in things like big star names, near accurate stadiums with weather conditions and outstanding near real life graphical details. With Madden you can replay those biggest moments or have your own outcome on matches you felt were not fair on that big game you saw over the weekend. With Madden growing each year brings fresh and new blood into the games allowing for players to learn new ways to play and for the old and long running champions to dust off those controllers and show players why they are the best.


At Checkmate Gaming we host some of the largest tournaments online if challenges are not your thing, Giving Madden players a place to play for big cash prizes against other members from the own comfort of your couch. With online competitive gaming growing Madden 20 on PS4 is a great title to earn money for just playing with your skills. Running Head to Head challenges allowing you to take you favorite team up against other users to prove who is the best. With each year’s instalment brings in a new competitive level of play. We trained our staff to understand how these games work and how to handle each match and situation at a competitive level to allow for fair and competitive matches to be played. Our staff is available any time for your live supported challenge matches or tournaments matches. We make sure you are getting the best support for the best results in your competitive gaming matches on CMG. With this has brought out the competitiveness in players to a whole new level. Checkmate gaming allows for a safe and competitive platform for your matches to be played on and for anyone to start earning money just by playing their favorite games.